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CTR Kristal
Automatic A/C service station with data base


  • recovery
  • flushing
  • oil separator
  • vacuum
  • leak detector
  • refrigerant refill
  • Scale
  • big wheels

Art. number 36 150 809

Full automatic functioning, recovery, system flushing, vacuuming, vacuum test, refill. Microprocessor command, electronic scale of 25kg with 3g prezission for a perfect refill, 3 electronic scales with high precision for new oil and UV-additive refill, compressor with high capacity, receiver dryer of 700cm3 for a quick recovery, automatic control over refrigerant, oil separator, internal cylinder of 10kg, digital command control, 80mm gauges,  2.5m hoses, weight 80 kg, dimensions 1116x530x600mm.