Microbiological Decontaminator

Both in the passenger compartments of automobiles as well as in automobile air conditioning systems, where cleaning and hygiene are important and vital requirements, the manual operations that use chemical products are quite often insufficient to ensure the total elimination of contaminants. In fact there are zones or points where it is impossible or extremely difficult to remove dirt or contaminating dust, where bacteria, virus, spores, mould breed. These micro organisms that multiply at a staggering speed, in addition to infecting the environment are the main cause of bad odours or unpleasant emissions.



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OZONE IS IN FACT A DECONTAMINANT Ozone kills: bacteria, viruses, spores, mould and any other organism. Ozone destroys: chemical contaminants (deriving from the emissions of panels, carpets, insulations, paints, wood varnishes and plastic materials). Ozone eliminates: both organic and inorganic odours, destroying the volatile particles that transport the odours, therefore it eliminates them and does not cover them.

No detergent is able to destroy them, but Ozone can!

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    Parts : UV lamp: 410212 | AC adapter: 410211 | 12V-os adapter: UVEC 07-G

    Features: Weight: 2.3 kg | Dimension: 14 cm x 14 cm x 34 cm

PROCEDURES for the TREATMENT OF AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMS STANDARD PROCEDURE 1. Position the OZONE maker horizontally inside the vehicle, next to the driver’s or passenger’s door, and connect it to cigar socket.

2. If the vehicle has an air conditioning system, position the air circulation in continuous mode, with the fan at minimum in order to allow the decontamination of the entire system. If possible, place the antipollen filter inside the passenger compartment during the treatment even if it is new.

3. Turn on the OZONE maker for 15 minutes and afterwards, ventilate the compartment for 10÷15 minutes.

4. Check if the air conditioning system still discharges unpleasant odours.

5. If not the treatment is complete.

6. If odours are still present, position the end of the Ozone discharge supply pipe on the external air intake and place the air circuit in the normal position with the fan on minimum, then turn on the OZONE maker for 15 minutes and afterwards, ventilate the compartment for 10÷15 minutes.

7. Now the treatment is normally complete.