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Tools and equipments
Art. number 35 164 802
Product name Refrigerant identifier for R134a
Description The Refrigerant Identifier helps confirm the presence and quality of R134a refrigerant in vehicle air conditioning systems. This process will help avoid potential damage from refrigerant contamination.
This unit delivers quick and precise refrigerant analysis in a rugged, compact and portable package. The refrigerant identifier automatically provides step-by-step indication of the gas sampling process.
Art. number 36 150 030
Product name Wireless refrigerant charging scale
Description • Wireless unit prevents unwanted tangles in wires
• Easily store the remote in the body of the platform
• Keypad provides synchronization and zeroing
• Extremely accurate weight sensor
• Magnet on remote allows easy placement on fixtures
• Battery life symbol for platform and remote constantly
displayed on LCD
• Wireless signal streng