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Automatic service station with database AstraPlus

Heated tank 20 kg, internal pressure gauge and thermometer, electric scale with a precision of +/-5g for refrigerant measurement, two electric scale with a precision of +/-1g for oil measurement and leak detection additive. Upgradedable data base from SD card, printer, compressor 12cm3. Separes the recovered oil from refrigerant, two filters eas to change, 3 tanks for oil, UV-dye, two hose of 2500mm, two quick couplers, metal and plastic body, 4-wheels. Monitor with background-light, membrane buttons, integral background illumination, security close button, recovery capacity of 400g/min, vacuum pump capacity 72 l/min, sizes 1040x480x580, 220-240V electric power, 50 Hz. z

  • Recovery
  • Recycling
  • Discharge exhausted oil
  • Vacuum
  • Check leaks
  • Charge refrigerant
  • Fill new oil
  • Fill new dyes
  • Discharge incondensable
  • Fill inner cylinder