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Full automatic A/C station with data base ASTRA

Heated tank of 10 kg with built-up pressure manifold and thermometer. Electric scale with a precision of 5g for measuring the refrigerant liquid. Two electric scale with 1g precision for measurement of oil and leak detector fluid. Upgradable data base by SD card, printer unit, compressor of 12 cm3. Separes the recovered oil and refrigerant liquid. Two filters easy to change, three tanks for oil and UV dye, two hoses of 2500mm, two quick-couplers, metal and plastic housing, 4 wheels. Easy-visible monitor, equipped with background light, membrane button, integrated backround ilumination, security closing button., recovery capacity 400 g/min, vacuum pump capacity 72 l/min. Size: 1040x480x580, electricity power 220/240V, 50Hz. z

  • Recovery
  • Recycling
  • Discharge exhausted oil
  • Vacuum
  • Check leaks
  • Charge refrigerant
  • Fill new oil
  • Fill new dyes
  • Discharge incondensable
  • Fill inner cylinder

Art. number 36 150 067