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Cool4U Ltd.
H-1097 Budapest, Illatos út 7.

+36 1 348 0151
+36 1 422 1818 / 116

Open hours
Mon - Fri | 8.00 - 17.00

Automobile A/C – Domestic and industrial climatisation – A/C equipment – Tools – Vehicle A/C climatisation training

We commercialise A/C compressor, spare parts for A/C compressor, compressor valve, compressorgasket kit, compressor valve plate, compressor pulley, shaft seal, compressor bearing for all types of cars. A/C compressor AUDI, A/C compressor BMW, A/C compressor VW, A/C compressor OPEL, A/C compressor MERCEDES, A/C compressor TOYOTA, A/C compressor RENAULT, A/C compressor PEUGEOT, A/C compressor DACIA, A/C compressor truck, A/C compressor agriculture, A/C compressor earth moving machine, A/C compressor bus.

SOur company has been established in 2001, offers solutions in the vehicle air conditioning industry: personal cars, buses, tools for vehicle climatisation, machines, A/C equipments (mastercool, ctr,…) chemicals (refrigerant agent, compressor oil, UV dye, …) with premium quality, home climatisation equipment, standard and inverter-added split air conditioning unit, professional consultancy.

Since 2009, we offer training for vehicle air conditioning, course for vehicle A/C mechanic. In short description: vehicle climatisation, HVAC technic, A/C tools, A/C mechanic training, A/C equipment, service machine for refrigerant filling and recovery (freon, R134a, R1234yf), repair, A/C assembly, car air conditioning, bus, agriculture machine, earth-moving machine, truck, mastercool, ctr…

News in climatisation, application of green energy: in Cool4U offers – among car air conditioning spare parts, tools, training for vehicle A/C – are available solar panels Solar4U, with certificate of conformity EU. The system might be coupled with various systems of water heaters. Cool4U distributes reliable solar panels like Solar4U, with 10 year of warranty. System with possible parts, like: solar panel, support for panel, assembly kit, more solar collectors with insulation, expansion tank, pump station, temperature sensor, anti freese liquid, etc…

Cool4U has collected experience of twelve years now, in range of commerce for air conditioning, including also marketing systems of variable VRV, VRF, DVM, MDV, SDV. Systems VRV are for develop a high air pressure performance, in order to increase efficience of the green energy utilisation and to optimise its demand. Maxa factory announced the main factors above; with help of a digital scroll compressor with variable source and with a constant sourced scroll compressor. Cooling system needs a control unit for harmonizing both compressors in a way that energy consume falls.

Cool4U has business relation with the Italian Ferroli since 2003, who insures partners with high quality products. Out of the manufacturer`s products, a special attention is accorded for their chiller compound, as the climatisation segment is developed dynamic and its role becomes more important. We offer internal, external and special units, for example the inoxidable units. /p>